Personal Medical Journal – Take Charge of Your Health Care

Research suggests that patients who take a more active role in visits with their physician may have a greater sense of control and much better health outcomes. Participation in your own health care can be dramatically increased through the use on a personal medical journal. Here are several additional benefits of using this powerful management tool.o Better Health Status – It has been observed that more effective gathering by patients, and more conversation by patients with their physician during office visits was related to better health status.o Prevent Duplication of Tests – Keeping track of all tests and treatment history will save your time and money by avoiding duplication of tests and procedures. Repeating tests and procedures are not only costly but they can also expose you to potential medical errors.o Increased Partnership with Physician – A personal medical journal will be your personal tool to effectively enter into a full partnership with your physician and many other health care professionals. A good partnership with your doctor begins with open communication. Keeping a complete and accurate record of your history will strengthen communication with your physician as you can provide them with useful information.o Become Empowered – Information is the key to patient empowerment. As you gather information about your condition you will become more informed about treatment options. This will allow you to manage your condition more effectively and increase your sense of well being. You will then become empowered rather than victim to your condition.o Improve Chance of Correct Diagnosis – According to the American Society of Internal Medicine, 70% of a correct diagnosis depends on what the patient tells the doctor. The use of a personal medical journal will help you share vital information with your physician about your symptoms. Having more data available will help your physician make better decisions. With this information-rich data at hand you may be able to provide your treatment team with the one crucial item of information that helps secure a correct diagnosis.Take charge of your own health care with the use a personal medical journal. This will allow you to “collect and share” valuable health information with all of your providers. Use this powerful tool to help you get the best of what our health care system has to offer.