Changes Within the Hip Hop Jewelry Industry

Hip hop jewelry originated in the early 1990’s and has grown in popularity ever since. A lot of this jewelry is actually custom made from precious metals and stones. This makes this jewelry quite expensive. Of course, there is some wholesale hip hop jewelry available as well. Usually this wholesale jewelry is made in either China or India with semi-precious metals and stones.There is a huge importance placed upon using a lot of metal and stones to create hip hop jewelry. This is why China and India had been well-suited for making this type of jewelry until 2007 when the price of gold and platinum skyrocketed. Now wholesalers have to make more of this jewelry from silver and stainless steel because they could not increase their prices and still expect their jewelry to sell. Of course, this meant that the market for this jewelry also changed at this time. For example, for only $200 a rap enthusiast could purchase a version of their favorite design that was made from silver and cubic zirconiums or rhinestones.Today this type of jewelry is a lot more affordable because it is using more silver and steel. This means that a lot of youth, who could never afford a piece of this type of jewelry in the past, can now afford to wear this it. It also means that a lot of people who like to watch what rappers are wearing are now able to sport the same piece of jewelry that their favorite artist is wearing without spending a small fortune in order to do so.The fact that hip hop jewelry has become more affordable today has also had a great impact upon wholesalers as well. They can now introduce a wide variety of styles that small retailers could be able to afford to sell. This has led to a lot of new jewelry that can be purchased either online or at a jewelry store.